Kesha's Music Videos Ranked From The One Bad One To The Most Iconic

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Happy 30th, queen.

“Crazy Kids” (2013)

Re$oning: When I said “the one bad one,” I meant “Crazy Kids”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Kesha’s shameless cultural appropriation and Will.I.Am’s GODDAMN TERRIBLE and unnecessary last-minute feature, this video was the one true misstep in Kesha’s videography. (“Wherever You Are” should’ve been the third single off Warrior anyway — @ me I DARE YOU.)


“Blah Blah Blah” (2010)

Re$oning: Kesha flying around like a drunk Tinkerbell and texting on her touchscreen phone is still iconic but 3OH!3’s feature is so damn cringeworthy that I can’t rank it higher.


“Take It Off” (2010)

Re$oning: The “Take It Off” music video is what happens when you’re on the way to the Color Run but decide to pull over to an abandoned motel and get drunk with your friends instead. It’s an OK video for an OK song (sorry, nudists!).


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