26 Country Songs That Made You 100,000 Times Gayer

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In Fancy Rae Baker we trust.

“Fancy” by Reba McEntire

"Fancy" by Reba McEntire

“Fancy” is one of the gayest songs, regardless of genre, of all time. It should be required listening for all gays.


“She’s in Love With the Boy” by Trisha Yearwood

"She's in Love With the Boy" by Trisha Yearwood

This song introduced the concept of the “bad boy” into my baby gay life. Tommy, the guy Trisha sings about, seemed hot. Into it.


“Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain

"Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain

Oh yes, a feminist anthem. This song made me want to be a better woman (and get a man that liked my shitty cooking).


“Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks

"Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks

Fuck men. Kill ’em all!!!


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Source: Buzzfeed

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