Meet The Two Black Women Who Want To Break Into The Korean Music Scene

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“We aren’t trying to be idols. We just want to create and perform music that we feel connected to and share it with the people who support us,” duo Coco Avenue said.

Meet 26-year-old Jenna and 25-year-old Jenny, singers from LA who are also known as Coco Avenue.

Meet 26-year-old Jenna and 25-year-old Jenny, singers from LA who are also known as Coco Avenue.

Coco Avenue

The duo released a single last week where they sing in Korean, and have faced accusations of cultural appropriation.


In an interview with BuzzFeed News they said they first met in 2012 through YouTube when people kept pointing out that they looked alike.


Jenny said that in 2013 they took part in a Korean reality show called #MYKPOP which led to the pair moving to LA to pursue a career in the Korean music industry.

“Since then, we have been establishing ourselves in the K-music scene in LA by performing at events like Kcon, LA Korean Festivals, and Night Markets.”
They also had their first performance in Seoul last year.

The girls also added that there’s a rumour that they’re part Asian but they’re not.


At first, they were a 6-member group and they wanted to be K-Pop idols.


Jenny said: “Initially (when we had 6 members), our goal was to be K-Pop idols but it soon changed when we started seeing that the portrayal of our culture in K-Pop was based off of stereotypes perpetrated by western media.

“Because of this, our focus and motivation started to shift. At this point, our goal is to be the positive image of black people in the Korean music industry. We have developed a sound and image that fits who we are and we don’t plan to try and mould ourselves into K-Pop idols.”

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