27 Totally Underrated Musical Artists You Actually Should Be Listening To

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Some of these artists are on the cusp of mainstream radio airplay, while others are total hidden gems. What they share in common is at least one reader (and in most cases, many more) wanted to share how much they love that particular artist/group!



Who she is: Canadian singer/songwriter

Why you should listen: No one does cross-genre experimental pop quite like fashion icon Grimes. How many other artists can say they’ve opened for a Diplo/Skrillex co-headlining tour AND Lana Del Rey?

Suggested by Hadley Rankin, Facebook

Mike Windle

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Maren Morris

Maren Morris

Who she is: American country singer/songwriter

Why you should listen: She’s a Grammy winner. She’s played Saturday Night Live. But because she’s a country artist, Morris might be snubbed from playlists by those who don’t love the genre. Don’t make that mistake. She’s got a poppier/rockier sound that will be PERFECT for the summer.

Suggested by aliciarae113

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