Taylor Swift Fans Are Shook By These New Harry Styles Lyrics

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As you probably already know, ya boi Harold Styles is about to release a new album and people everywhere are losing their minds.


(Myself included, no shade being thrown here at all.)

Instagram: @harrystyles

WELL. When he released the track listing a couple of weeks ago, Taylor Swift fans were SHOOKETH. According to them, there’s a high chance “Ever Since New York” was written about Taylor, and their short relationship in 2012.


This is because Taylor has a straight-up iconic song “Welcome To New York”, and also the majority of the ex-couple’s relationship took place in the Big Apple itself.

Maybe Taylor’s recent absence has us all jumping to conclusions and clutching to any potential mention of her at all, but maybe not. That’s up to you to decide.


These are the lyrics:

These are the lyrics:


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Source: Buzzfeed

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